Old Dion

At the foot of Olympus and just 5 km from the coast of Pieria is the ancient Dion,

the sacred city of the Macedonians in a wooded area, which is flooded with water. From archaeological finds that Dion covers an uninterrupted life 1000 years, from the 5th century. B.C. until the 5th century. A.D. 


Ancient Greek writers inform that Dion gathered Macedonians, to honor regularly with sacrifices and offerings of the Olympian gods. 


The districts have two settlements, Dion and Platanakia and 1,554 inhabitants. The archaeological site and the Museum of Dion have developed and tourist area. Dion works every time Mosaic Exhibition in Mediterranean Mosaics Center under the Olympus Festival, a top cultural event of Himachal Pradesh, with nationwide scope and international projection.