In one wide, sandy beach overlooking Mount Olympus extends the area of Nei Pori. Combining the beauty of the mountain and the blue sea, Nei Pori are a unique destination for any traveler.

Nei Pori are built in urban design, and has broad streets and squares. Their coast is the southernmost coast of Pieria, near the traditional village of Palei Pori and the extensive wetlands in the northern part of the Delta of Pinios which crosses the beautiful valley of Tempi.

The name Pori is given to area in 1926. According to legend, in ancient times there was a demigod, Poros, which madly fell in love and gave his name to the place.

Nei Pori awarded for many years with the blue flag of the European Union, and are characterized by the wide sandy beach. The beach is about 5 Km.

The sea is shallow and ideal for family holidays and beyond. It is fully equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas along the beach are various restaurants, cafes, fast-food.
Apart from swimming and sunbathing every tourist can pleasantly pass the time with water sports.